" Commercial grade loudness while keeping your dynamics in tact "

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GDR Audio Mastering Services, Mastering Engineer on SoundBetter
  • The Industry Standard @ $40 USD/each
  • The Surgery (Stem Mastering) @ $100 USD /each
  • Full EP (4 track minimum) @ $35 USD /each
  • Full Album (8 track minimum) @ $30 USD /each
  • If Surgery is required for your full EP or Album, then $80/each
How does this work?
  • We will provide secure folder for you to upload
  • We provide before and after files
  • If you like, then you pay via Paypal
  • We then send you the final Masters
Next Steps
  • Before submission, please make sure the loudest part of your song (peak level) is around -3db to -5db below 0db.
  • Please submit WAV 16-bit and 44.1 kHz or up to 24bit and (48kHz or 96kHz) files to